Vint & York offers the following types of prescription lenses:


All Rx lenses are available in various materials, to accommodate a wide range of prescriptions and lifestyles. For stronger prescriptions we recommend high index lenses. With a higher index, the lens is thinner thus improving the look of the glasses. Our lenses are available in Polycarbonate, High Index (1.67), Super High Index (1.74), Trivex and CR39. Digital lens options are available upon request as well - to provide larger vision area with an HD feel to your vision. All of our lenses include an anti-scratch /anti reflective coatings and a UVA/UVB protective coating.


    Single vision lenses are needed if you require correction for one field of vision, either distance or reading.Our Single Vision Lenses are offered in Polycarbonate material as a standard option.
    Polycarbonate lenses are strong and impact resistant, making them safe to wear for everyday activities.
    Single vision lenses are also available in high index materials.. A single vision lens can be fitted into any of our frame styles available.


    Reading lenses help with everyday near vision correction.This lens option is created for those who need glasses only for reading purposes. Our reading strengths are available from +0.25 to +4.00. A reader lens can be fitted into any of our frame styles available.


    Progressive lenses are a multifocal lens to help correct three fields of vision with no prominent line separating. They correct distance, intermediate as well as reading vision in one lens. Bifocal lenses accommodate by correcting one's distance and near vision with one pair of lenses.The two fields of vision are typically separated by a line across the lens.

Lenses Options

Vint & York offers various lens options and add-ons depending on your preference and lifestyle needs. From blue light blocking lenses to accommodate those who are looking at a screen or computer day to day, to our photochromic lenses that tint darker when exposed to UV light, our lens additions can accommodate all.

  • Clear Lenses

    If you want to receive frames with no Rx, you have two options. Optical frames will include anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses when you choose the option “I plan on wearing blank lenses”. The option “I plan on replacing the lenses”are recommended if your optician or doctor plans on replacing the lenses. Those lenses would be a demo lens or plastic.

  • Blue Light Lenses

    Blue light is a harmful ray emitted from tv screens, phone screens as well as computer screens. It damages the eyes as well as well as strains them causing extreme eye fatigue.With blue light blocking lenses, your eyes are protected from these harmful rays as well as prevent the tired strained feeling of your eyes.

  • Photochromic

    A light responsive lens can also be called photochromatic lenses. These lenses darken when exposed to UV light such as the sun. They are available in polycarbonate and high index materials. When exposed to UV light the lenses will darken to your choice of color either brown or grey.

  • Color Tint - Solid

    Tinted lenses are an option if you prefer UV protection from the sun yet be able to wear your prescription lenses indoors as well. The color choices for tinted lenses are grey, blue, green and brown. High index and progressive materials are available for tinted lenses also

  • Gradient Color

    A lens that is a darker color on the top of the lens and gradually becomes lighter on the bottom is a gradient lens. They include complete UV protection as well as well as are available in blue, green, grey and brown. Gradient lenses are available in high index materials as well.

  • Polarized Sunglasses

    Complete protection from the sun, polarized lenses protect your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun as well as eliminates glare. Polarized lenses provide more clarity and HD to your vision. Our polarized lenses are also available in high index and progressive materials.

Lenses Material

We offer frames outfitted with some of the best eyewear lenses on the market. Our lenses are impact resistant, almost shatter–proof, and outfitted with UVA/UVB protective coatings and high quality anti–scratch and anti-reflective coating.

  • Polycarbonate lenses

    Polycarbonate lenses are made of a thinner material than the plastic lenses. With stronger prescriptions, the lens becomes thicker and heavier making them harder to fit the frame correctly. A high index lens is lightweight and thin to fit the frame properly.

  • Super Thin (1.67)

    High Index lenses or an index of 1.67 accommodate those with a Rx higher than 3.25. Since they are made from a thinner material than a standard polycarbonate lens, they will properly fit your frame as well as not weigh your frame down. A high index lens of 1.67 is also available in a digital lens as well that offers more clarity and adds an “HD” feel to your vision

  • Ultra Thin (1.74)

    For an even thinner lens, a super high index lens of 1.74 is available as well. An index lens of 1.74 is an even thinner lens to accommodate those with an even higher prescription. Super high index lenses are also available in a digital lens that provide more clarity to your vision as well as creates an “HD” feel to your vision!

Where are your lenses from?

All our sunglasses come fitted with a Carl Zeiss sun lenses and Zeiss sun lenses. ZEISS is one of the best lenses brands and an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics who produces the best of eyewear lenses. All optical single vision lenses are cut and produced by our factory with vigorous multi point quality control system. After the order is placed - lenses are surfaced according to your prescription in our own laboratories.

All optical single vision lenses are cut and produced by our factory with vigorous multi point quality control system. After the order is placed - lenses are surfaced according to your prescription in our own laboratories.

How long Do Lenses Last?

Lens durability is very important. That’s why we use a high quality durable Anti-Scratch Resistance Coating that helps your lenses hold up better against wear and tear. Polycarbonate lenses are the softest eyeglass lens and the most impact-resistant, and the coating we apply increases its lens durability.