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 Whether you’re looking for sunglasses with a colorful flair or sophisticated style, Vint & York has you covered. We carry various styles with colored lenses in red, blue, green, and yellow tints. You can also find frames with reflective and polarized lenses to keep your eyes safe from UV rays without sacrificing style.

Shop our sunglasses collection and add regular, polarized, or prescription lenses to your favorite frames.



    Check out the upcoming trends in women's eyewear. Styles like cat eye, browline, and tortoise shell glasses are making a splash this year.



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  • BEST MEN'S FRAMES | 2023


    Check out the upcoming trends in men’s eyewear. Styles like vintage round, aviator, and oversized frames are in this year. 

TRENDING | Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoise Shell frames have been popular for decades. This versatile and bold style has been a symbol of refined sophistication and style since the early 1900s. Each pair of tortoise shell glasses have a unique pattern in marbled shades of brown, black, yellow, red, blue. This pattern mimics the patterning of tortoise shells, but our frames are made from durable, high-quality celluloid acetate.

As an expert in vintage-inspired eyewear, Vint & York specializes in recreating stunning styles from the past and turning them into fresh, modern designs. Our collection of tortoise shell eyewear includes round, cat eye, geometric, and oversized silhouettes that are a blend of old-school and modern aesthetics.